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What We Treat

Minor Trauma

Twisted an ankle? Slip and fall? Minor car accident? Concussion? Let our providers check you out.

STD testing & treatment

Whether you're having symptoms of an sexually-transmitted infection, or doing annual testing, we can do it here.

Cuts & Scrapes

Need stitches? Not sure? We can take a look and let you know. We do stitches on-site.

Other Adult Illnesses

We can treat a wide range of acute adult illnesses -- from headaches to abdominal pain and UTI.

Colds & Flu

Got the sniffles? Don't know what medications to take? Let us help. If you need a flu shot, we offer that too!

Other Pediatric Illnesses

All of our providers are comfortable seeing pediatric patients for a wide-range of complaints, from birth to 21.