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What to Bring

  • Your partially-filled out form I-693 (the doctor/civil surgeon will fill out his/her section after the exam)

  • A list of any vaccines you have had

  • A list of any chronic medical conditions you have, or any medication you are taking

Special situations:

  • If you have been treated or hospitalized for psychiatric or mental illness, or alcohol or drug abuse, bring written certification from a doctor - including the diagnosis, length of treatment, and your prognosis.

  • If you have had any history of violent behavior, bring information that will allow the doctor to determine whether the behavior was related to a psychiatric or medical problem, or to drug or alcohol use. Harmful behavior includes attempted suicide or self-harm, no matter how minor in nature.

  • If you have had syphilis, bring a written certificate, signed by a doctor or public health official, proving that you were adequately treated. If you have ever had a positive VDRL or other blood test for syphilis, and were not treated, you must bring a written explanation signed your doctor.

  • If you have any form of disabilities, you should bring a report of the condition, and any requirements you need as far as special education or supervision.

  • If you have ever tested positive for tuberculosis (TB), you should bring a certificate from your doctor about the positive test result, and indicating any treatment prescribed and how long it lasted, and if proof that you were adequately treated -including dates and types of medications prescribed.

  • If you have ever had an abnormal chest X-ray, bring the last X-ray films taken. The actual films, not the typed reports, may be required.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will my insurance cover the cost of the immigration physical exam?
No. Please pay in full on the day of examination.


How can I contact USCIS for more information?

Applicants for adjustment of status may call the USCIS National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283 (TTY 1-800-767-1833).

At NOWmed, we are experienced with the medical requirements of the USCIS Immigration Medical Examination (or Physical). Individuals applying for citizenship, seeking permanent residency, or a Green Card are required to obtain an immigration physical prior to approval of their application.


It is mandatory that immigration physicals be completed by a Designated Civil Surgeon (like our CEO & Medical Director Dr. Gaines) in order for the exam to be valid.


Type in our Zip code (07304) to find us on the official USCIS Civil Surgeons Locator list.


We do all of the necessary testing on site and have all of the required vaccines in our office. Forms can be completed in 48 hours or less if all results are normal.



  • The person who needs the examination must bring an unexpired government-issued Photo ID, preferably a passport, country ID, U.S. driver’s license or state ID. (Refugees: Bring travel document or I-94 card)

  • Payment must be made prior to the exam with cash or credit card only.

  • Bring any vaccination records.

  • A urine specimen is required for patients 15 years and older, so please do not urinate for one hour prior to visit.

  • See full list of what to bring below.


Components of the USCIS Immigration medical examination:

  • Physical Examination and completion of all the necessary paperwork

  • Tuberculin (Skin Test) and interpretation OR Quantiferon blood test (especially for BCG-vaccinated persons)

  • RPR (Syphilis test)

  • Gonorrhea testing (if 15 years old or older)

  • Evaluation of other Physical or Mental abnormality, disease or disability

  • Vaccinations

  • Administration of approved and needed vaccinations



$300 for physical examination & all paperwork, Tuberculosis testing, Syphilis testing and Gonorrhea testing.

There are additional charges for:

  • Extra bloodwork if vaccines are not up-to-date or patient does not have the vaccination record

  • Any vaccinations that are needed

  • Chest X-ray if TB testing is positive

  • Antibiotics if Gonorrhea testing is positive

  • A confirmatory test and antibiotics if Syphilis testing is positive

At the First Visit

All records will be reviewed and a physical examination will be performed. Blood/labwork will be drawn.

After The Exam

Once the immigration examination is completed, we will certify Form I-693 with the test results of the immigration exam, any bloodwork and vaccination history. Please present this sealed envelope to Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services with your immigration application. You will also be provided with a copy of these forms.